Thousands of people just like you have benefitted from the straight-forward approach by Bill Fay. Read below a few personal thoughts:


"Extra Excellent! This is the most powerful, precise, dynamic witnessing tool and approach to evangelizing that I have experienced. This is truly a blessing to the Kingdom of God. This study will definitely impress upon your "spirit" some biblical truths to soul winning. It is the most non-confrontational approach I have ever experienced. The use of the teaching that is within the study will allow the Lord's "bond servant not to become quarrelsome" and allow the Holy Spirit do the drawing and convicting while we operate as a "vessel." It will allow you to witness to absolutely any person of any denomination, faith belief, race, gender, etc. This tears down the "strongholds" that can hinder the work of the Holy Spirit by believing that you need to "know" everything about every "other" belief other than the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus."
Jane - Williamsburg, VA


"The best way to share one's faith in a non-confrontational manner. Share Jesus Without Fear is the easiest way to learn how to share one's faith without causing an argument. This is a vital class that all youth workers should consider giving their students. The way that William Fay has devised the process is excellent."
Anonymous - Omaha, NE


"Powerfully annointed / Will jump-start your witnessing. This tape capsules Bill Fay's seminar and is an updated edition of his original tapes under the name "How to Share the Gospel Without an Augment." It was listening to this tape while driving that I became so overwhelmed I almost had to pull over. It was through Bill's anointed message and instruction that I knew God had called me to Evangelism. It also opened me up to the freedom to share my faith in Jesus without fear of failure. Bill showed me it wasn't my job to lead anyone to Christ - it was God's! A must for those not yet allowing Jesus’ command to be manifest in their lives to spread His Gospel! Don't forget to follow up with the book, too."
Ken - Colorado Springs, CO


[Regarding the HCSB TruthQuest New Testament version of "Share Jesus WIthout Fear"] "Excellent Translation! Great Method of Evangelism! I really like the translation (the HCSB)! It's different than any other translations that I've read (KJV/NIV/NASB/NLT). I liked the evangelism method that it has, and it really works. Yet it's not the method that counts; it's the Spirit of God and the Word of God that works in a darkened heart to bring that person to Jesus Christ. But this New Testament is an excellent tool. I recommend it, translation and all!"
Ender - Hialeah, FL