Sin of Silence

"How many of us have been the means by which someone came to know the Lord Jesus Christ?"

One study revealed that most followers of Christ rarely, if ever, witness to the lost because of our strucggle with four major fears: 

  • Fear  of rejection?
  • Fear  of not knowing enough?
  • Fear  of offending?
  • Fear  of ridicule or persecution?



God provides the opportunity to witness, and hHe promises His ower to help us. Yet, we simply say no, because of fear. But to say no to God for any reason is a sin.

To give into any of these fears is to practice the sin of silence. But, you don't have to be afraid! Resist the tempatation to believe your weakenesses are unchangeable. In prayer, honestly share with God your fears of witnessing in prayer. Focus your heart on the strength that matters--the presence of God and the assurance of His power!

It is not your stengths that will bring you the power to share Jesus with a lost person. It is your dependence on His power. Successful witnessing is about obedience and dependence. Your greatest strength is your willingness to trust God as your partner in guiding a lost brother or sister, parent, son or daughter, colleague at work, or stranger to know God's saving grace.